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Food from Around the World

Here are some great meal ideas for quick and easy meals to make from around the world that will help inspire your children to experience foods from all over the world - simply "Google" the name and find a recipe that suits your children's taste buds and enjoy!

  • Spain - Tortilla's - Tortilla's are a traditional Spanish dish, often served as tapas in the eary evening.  You can eat them hot as a main meal with salad or as a cold snack.
  • South Africa - Boerewors - Boerewors is as traditional South African sausage. "Boeries" as it is affectionately known by locals, is staple fare in South Africa. It is wholesome, delicious and above all, it tastes like nothing else on the rest of this planet!
  • Ethiopia - Injera – Injera is an Ethiopian staple traditionally made with teff flour. It is a spongy flatbread made with a thin sourdough batter. Pieces are torn off to scoop up the chunkier bits. In Ethiopia, it is good dining etiquette to eat with your right hand.
  •  Mexico - Guacamole - Did you know that avocado's are packed with 14 differenrt minerals that stimulate growth including iron and copper for your blood!  Guacamole is a perfect dish with crackers, tostadas, on toast or as a salad.
  • Greece & The Middle East - Hummus - Hummus is often served as a starter in Greece and The Middle East. Traditionally, it comes with olives and hot pita bread.
  • India - Dahl - Dahl is a a staple food of India, where you might eat it with rice or chapati bread.
  • Mexico - Quesadillas - A quesadilla is when you cook ingredients between flat tortilla wraps and is very popular in Mexico.
  • India - Raita - "Raita" is used in Northern India for coolling down hot, hot curries. You can check out how well it works by trying some spicy food!
  • India - Paneer - Light and tangy, paneer is an Indian cheese that is used in cooking both savoury dishes and desserts. You can eat it steamed with rice or naan bread.
  • The Middle East - Taboulleh - Tickle your taste buds with this wonderful meal from the Middle East.  It's made with bulgur wheat, which is simialr to cous cous but slightly coarser and takes a little longer to prepare.
  • France - Ratatouille - Raratouille is a popular French stewed vegetable dish. Originally made with fresh summer vegetables, it is full of bright colours and savoury flavours.
  • Thailand - Pad Thai - A delicious noodle based meal, that is fresh, tasty and zingy when lemon juice is sqeezed on top - ideal for children's lunches and can be served with our without peanuts as a garnish.
  • Italy - Spaghetti Bolognase - Any child's favourite receipe; spaghetti with meat and tomato sauce - YUMBO!
  • Mexico - Enchiladas - Another great kids favourite, but this dish is from Mexico.  An enchilada is where you fill a corn tortilla with a variety of fillings, such as shredded chicken or beef, then cover with a sauce and bake!

If you have any other ideas that you wish us to add to this list please email and we are happy to add it to this list. Thanks!

Restaurants from around the World - Here in Australia

  • This would have to be one of our favourite restaurants Mulu Char in Maroochydoore, on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland. This African themed restaurant makes you feel like your in the middle of a safari game reserve with it's live African music on Friday nights from 6pm, free kids meals on Tuesday through to Thursday nights (for a limited time - valid as of April 1, 2011) and amazing array of African dishes - a must for anyone living in the area or passing through Also Mulu Char will be running family nights from mid May 2011.  Check out their website for the latest up to date information

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