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Do You Have A Teacher In Your School Or Centre Who Speaks A Language Other Than English? How Can You Leverage Their Skills to Help Your Students with a Broader Understanding of Other Cultures.

  • Ask the staff member to cook with your class – or share a recipe or particular food from the country.
  • Ask them to share photographs of the teacher featuring aspects of that culture.
  • Borrow artefacts, memorabilia or souvenirs to show the class
  • Ask the teacher to explain or demonstrate the national dress of the other country
  • Teach your class a few key words or a greeting and hold a conversation with the staff member
  • Ask them to teach you and the children some nursery rhymes or other songs.
  • Enlist their help with everyday words and phrases to use in the classroom and the playground.
  • Encourage your class to speak with the helping teacher in the second language as much as possible. Request that they also speak to your class in the second language whenever possible.
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