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10 Things To Think And Action To Ensure That You Have A Culturally Inclusive Environment

Cultural diversity is important for all of your students, as everyone comes from different backgrounds. Here are some easy steps to ensuring your room includes all of your students

  • Interact positively with students
  • Set and explain the rules for interaction in the classroom
  • Use inclusive language and wear appropriate clothes when teaching
  • Ensure all staff communicate with caregivers and students often and openly (You might like to send an email or produce a newsletter for the caregivers and staff.)
  • Ensure you as the teacher are available and make time to talk with the caregivers to develop personal rapport
  • Recognise that each student is an individual and learn something unique about each person
  • Avoid assumptions and stereotypes about the students or about their culture
  • Include a diverse range of culturally appropriate learning resources like books, puzzles or pictures in the classroom.
  • Match up students in pairs or small groups to build friendships
  • Invite all students to participate in show and tell. Encourage positive feedback
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