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10 Ways to Celebrate Everyone’s Cultural Heritage Within Your Group/Room

Classrooms can be home to a diverse range of students from all sorts of cultural backgrounds. Here are some easy ways to include everyone’s cultural heritage in the activities in your room.

1. Celebrate National Day 

Find out days of national significance in the home countries, like Australia Day, Bastille Day or Independence Day, and decorate your classroom for the day.

2. Include seasonal observances 

Some cultures celebrate the changing of the season, like Halloween or Chinese New Year. Explore these special days with your class.

3. Songs 

Find a piece of music or an instrument popular in their culture. Play it for the kids, either as background for group time or if suitable, teach your class the words or make your own version of the instruments.

4. Food  

Why not introduce a national dish to your children by either cooking it for them to try or cooking it with them. What time of year is it eaten? What does it symbolise?

5. Any other celebrations?  

In Australia, most households will celebrate Christmas – but is that the case with your students? Find out what other celebrations they observe and include them in the programme.

6. National dress or handicraft 

Display pictures or examples of national dress or handicrafts specific to the country or culture. Use them as inspiration for a class activity.

7. Physical activity 

Is there a particular dance or sport unique to your student’s culture?

8. Language 

What special words do they use? For example “Namaste”.

9. Compare

Are any of the ceremonies or celebrations similar between the cultures in your room?

10. Display 

Show pictures of culturally significant sites, like Stonehenge or the Vatican as part of a wider celebration.


Share the fun from many cultures with all your students


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