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About Us

About Global Kids Oz

A more culturally understanding society only needs to start with one person - Make that person you!

Global Kids Oz is an information and resource rich website built on the foundation of a critical need for a more mutliculturally understanding society.

The company itself was founded and established by a woman who is no stranger to cultural diversity or to the prejudices imposed upon other cultures in societies worldwide, due to the limited educational materials available.

It also explains her complete devotion to the provision of valuable Multicultural resources to the educational system and why Global Kids Oz currently provides resources from over 145 countries worldwide, with a goal of having products from every country you can imagine within the next 12 months.

Having travelled extensively in her youth, JJ  - your host – found that no matter where she went, no matter how many different cultures she encountered and lived amongst, no matter what people looked like, sounded like or which God they worshipped, one thing remained constant; the most basic instinct that links all human-kind – the need to be accepted for who we are.

It is perhaps this most fundamental desire which can be found within us all that struck a chord in JJ and led her to her calling.

A calling which has gained her much respect and support from various Government Departments, Multicultural Groups and Educational Facilities throughout Australia:  “To help share the wonderful differences that we all bring to whatever community or society we live in and to teach children and adults alike that regardless of our physical appearance or the way we speak, we are also very similar where it matters the most.”

Through the use of the resources that Global Kids Oz supply, children can begin to learn the value that each and every culture has to contribute to our society.

We live in a Global World and it is to everyone's benefit to embrace each other with open arms and hearts so that we may all learn the valuable contribution that we all have to bring to our communities.

It is through the understanding of all cultures that, we gain a better understanding of our own!

About The Owner & Founder of Global Kids Oz

JJ Stranan was born in New Zealand to a Canadian father and Lithuanian mother with Czech-Republic and Lithuanian Grandparents, which is where her passionate interest in Cultural Diversity first began.  From the young age of 13, JJ was destined, and fortunate enough, to be able to pursue her interest and further develop her knowledge through travel and living amidst other cultures.  Her journey began with a return trip to her father's homeland at 13 – Canada.

From there she spent 5 years of her young life working, living and studying her way around Thailand and South East Asia, completely submerging herself in the fascinating cultures she encountered and eagerly absorbing as much about them as she could.

By the time she reached 21 the travel bug struck again, only this time it took her to water.  JJ spent the following 8 years doing something many of us only ever dream of – she sailed around the world.  She was living her dream.  She was seeing, experiencing, learning and discovering so many new countries, ports and cultures that it was enough to make her head spin.  

But, like all good things they must come to an end, and after the 9-11 disaster JJ and her partner decided it was time to “plant their feet” for a while and returned to JJ's native New Zealand.  

They lasted 5 years before making that final ocean voyage across to Australia where they now enjoy a busy life in sunny Queensland running Global Kids Oz.

Global Kids Oz ABN 93140 968 592

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