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Culture, Languages, Immigration support and all round generally helpful cultural links below

  • Indigenous Australia - Why Warriors provide cross-cultural education and training programs and consultancy services for remote Indigenous Australians and for people working with Indigenous communities. Visit their online resources for information about Yolngu culture
  • Indigenous Australia - AIDA website has some great information on Indigenous Australia Traditional Games
  • Indigenous Australia - Hidden Histories Project -
  • Indigenous Australia - Tribal Links, facused on Gubi Gubni land Sunshine Coast area, all local information and contact for local Elders and community leaders. A great page
  • New Zealand Maori - Information on Maori culture in New Zealand
  • Learning Samoan - Check this online free tool
  • Samoan Language in Brisbane - Contact Leofi Nanai - or call 0428 432 711
  • New Zealand Maori - Please email for information on learning Te Reo across Australia and join his facebook page Lets learn Maori in Australia
  • New Zealand Maori - Learn Te Reo by correspondance
  • New Zealand Maori - Learn Te Reo in Sydney
  • New Zealand Maori - For information on learning Te Reo Maioha (Maori Language) for adults around Brisbane area please contact or call Adrienne 0754960499 for Brisbane
  • India - Bollywood and tradional Indian clothing Tuulaa
  • New Zealand Maori - Te Ramaroa Marae Inc.  is a non-profit organisation formed January 2010  to establish a Marae here in South East Queensland.
  • In Maori society, the marae is a place where Culture, Traditions, Beliefs and Customs are celebrated, maintained, explored, debated, and affirmed.  It's a place where  our Maori language is embraced, spoken, taught, and learnt.  A place where intertribal discussions are held, and obligations are met,  our Marae is a place to host, and welcome visitors, a place where we learn and teach  the etiquettes, values and protocols of our Culture.  The marae is  a place for farewelling our loved ones through the sacred practise of  (tangihanga), and  like the institutes of old Polynesia – the marae is a waahi tapu; a “sacred place” that carries the Spirit, and the Mana of our Ancestors, and has great spiritual and Cultural significance.
  • The objectives of Te Ramaroa Marae Inc. are to bring people together to share, to enjoy, to host, and to learn about Maori through participation, observation, and integration at the Marae. It will be a place where people can give expression to their language, culture, traditions and beliefs. It will become a vibrant hub where all networks can source all basic services and information. The Marae will become a part of the greater QueenslandTourism experience.
  • Vietnam - Want to learn Vietnamese and your living in Melbourne? Contact "The-he" Vietnamese Language Centre, 90 Buckley St, Noble Park, VIC 3174 or call 954-65024 or email or go to their You Tube CHANNEL "Trunongthehe" to view more info
  • Japan - Want to learn Japanese and your in Queensland? Chikara Shimizu is a Japnese teacher whom does private tutoring in Sunnybank Hills, Chikara teachers beginners, primary, middle and secondary school, he completes Japanese proficiency tests and can do translation/Interpreting services too. Please contact Chikara on 07 3345 6241 to discuss.
  • South Pacific - Send Money Pacific & Money Pacific are free services to help Pacific Islanders understand financial care and well being through improving peoples' financial knowledge and awareness. Send Money Pacific also uploads the latest excanhge rates that you know who to send your money with to your home country to ensure the least cost to you and ensure the greatest amount of money is received back in the island. For more info go to or
  • Intercultural training UK & Intercultural training USA
  • Arab Gateways resource website is funded by the Department opf Foreign Affairs and Trade through the Council for Australian-Arab Relations - a wonderful resource for students in years 7-10 and their teachers
  • New Zealand  - Kiwilocals website for all things Kiwi if your living in Australia
  • New Zealand Maori - Te reo Maioha in Sydney's Northern Beach
  • Kids World Citizen Becky developed Kid World Citizen to be able to share the educational activities that she has used in mherclassroom and at home with her 4 children to increase global and cultural awareness, check out her website
  • Discovering the world through my sons eye's Welcome to our little corner of the world! As a multicultural familia we’re teaching our son a love for life, and different cultures; and to embrace his own multicultural identity. Helping him expand his horizons, and his view of the world through every day events, crafts, books, and travel in a culturally diverse world.
  • Mom's Gone Global A website devoted to helping parents raise healthy, happy, globally enlightened kids
  • In Culture Parent - For parents raising little global citizens
  • InternationalThe Writer's Drawer - an intercultural, literary website for creative writers of all genres and all levels. A great multicultural resource for the classroom!
  • Cultural Educational Org's
  • CALD & ESL - Here is a great website dedicated to CALD & ESL Learning

Government Support Services

  • The Migrant Centre can assist with free information and support for new migrants arriving in Australia  like support on Skills & Qualification application procedures, Employment assistance, vocational guidance, legal referrals, and housing assistance
  • The Department of Immigration and Citizenship has a great range of free resources that are able to be accessed that help new arrivals into Australia, including translators, information and fact sheets in a variety of languages, DVD's with settlement information for newly arrived refugees in Burmese, Karen, Nepali, Chin and Rohingya and many other useful resources
  • Cultural Support in Gold Coast - Multicultural Families Org Inc. in the Gold Coast provide service for all migrants and their families including refugees, humanitarian entrants and new arrivals and may be contacted on
  • Immigartion Women's Support Sevice
  • The multicultural centre for mental health and well being
  • Ethnic Communities Council of Queensland
  • Partners in Cultural Competence - cross cultural training and consulting services
  • Community Action for a Multicultural Society -
  • Bejaki Cultural Community Services in Logan, Brisbane

Other great sites

  • Education for the 21st Century is an open forum to debate education in the United States and around the world. Participate by registering and posting. Visit Education For The 21st Century and participate. Be published.
  • The ABC Indigenous Interactive map is a wonderful resource for Australian schools
  • This site School Market place is a central point for all school resources required.
  • Information for the Dutch living in Australia can be viewed at
  • Kids in Australia is a fabulous site to find all sorts of great information for your family and is run by a gorgeous multicultural Australian family
  • Brisbane's Multicultural Radio Station with programs in over 21 languages and an interesting weekly womens profile hour where Global Kids Oz was lucky enough to be interviewed on Feb 25!
  • for everything child friendly in Brisbane, Event, Activities, Class and Big Ideas for Brisbane Kids.
  • Womens's Health & Mother-Baby Hub - this would be one of the best not for profit services that Global Kids Oz has had the priviledge of coming across, not only do they cater for Mum's and baby's with their amazing services and playgroup, but they also run a CALD Multicultural playgroup. If your in the Strathpine area we would strongly suggest you check these guys out
  • Tumbling Tigers are a fully mobile equipment hire service in Queensland specialising in the 6 months to 5 years age group with equipment constructed of high density foam and PVC in bright fun colours and is speficially designed to meet the developmental abilities of small children whilst encouraging natural instincts such as balance, cause and effect, soft touch and exploration. Give Donna call on 0412 834 764 or check out there website
  • Be a Fun Mum is a fabulous blog about all things fun that you can dop with your children to be fun, I think that Kelly's Company Overview says it all! "Think: a dish of Mary Poppins; a dose of Pollyanna; a dash of Willy Wonka.I'm Kelly from Be A Fun Mum.Join with me in learning to:"Love the Moment"" Twitter: BeAFunMum
  • Kids Yoga Stories Giselle has an incredily unique take on yoga for children bu ensuring that yoga isn't just about health and flexibility but also encorporates a global perspective too! Find out more by heading to and see how Giselle cleverly entertwines these as[ects together!
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