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Multicultural Workshops Across Australia from a Variety of Different Cultural Performers

Please note that although Global Kids Oz refers the following businesses and people for Cultural Workshops and Activities in no way is Global Kids Oz responsible for any delivery or content in anyway, nor do we receive any payment or commission for listing people on this page. It is with good faith and in good spirit that Global Kids Oz are listing fellow businesses  that help our children become culturally sensitive, supportive and respectful . JJ Stranan, Director Global Kids Oz 

Aboriginal Workshops -

Mark Saddler of Wiradjuri Nation

This message is from Mark - I collect and hand make didges, coolamons and do some art.

I go to local schools and libraries to teach about our culture mainly around Wagga, NSW. I'm very active in my mob.I play my didges at award nights, Art gallery openings and such.
The bulk of my work is at
I’m very passionate about my culture and our art. I also just started a new FB page “Wiradjuri mob”. From here I share a lot of artist work so we can all see who and what we are.
Thanks for the chance to say hello, Mark Saddler

Koori Kinnections 

Here at Koori Kinnections, we offer a range of educational tours and workshops on the northern side of Sydney. From bush tucker-fusion cooking classes to school incursions, guided bushwalks, foods and resource talks, weaving workshops and much more! Contact Jess for more information

De Greer Yindimincarlie of Wiradjuri Nation

De facilitates many varied workshops for facilitation in a school or to community group's. All workshops are able to be tailored to your needs and budget to enable delivery of a program / workshop that meets what you are after.  Some of the workshops Yindi Artz delivers are:

  •  GRATITUDE ROCK PAINTING  -  Gratitude is amazing.  This workshop educates participants about gratitude and how important it is to be grateful everyday.  Also a little information about Aboriginal symbols is given to the participants so they can pick a symbol for their rock. The participants paint their own gratitude rock to take home with them. Ages: 6 and up - Timeframe: 40 mins (minimum) to 2 hours 
  •  PAINT YOUR IDENTITY -  A fail safe formula is used to give participants the tools to design their own artworks that is a direct reflection of their identity, they do in essence paint who they are.  Quite intense in nature as participants think about facets of their lives such as identity, connection, culture and learning. Ages: 15 and up - Time frame: 4 - 5 hours (full day workshop)
  •  AUSTRALIAN ANIMALS  -  Participants learn about Australian Animals and how they were used in Aboriginal culture.  This workshop also incorporates a colouring-in or painting activity depending on timeframe and age of participants. Ages: prep and up - Timeframe: 40 mins (minimum) to 2 hours 
  •  ABORIGINAL ART AND DESIGN -  Participants are educated about Aboriginal art, materials and mediums from the conception of Aboriginal art through to contemporary Aboriginal / Urban art and art forms.  Participants are given the opportunity to draw / paint their own piece of Aboriginal art on different mediums such as paper, canvas, boomerangs etc. Ages: 8 and up - Timeframe: 1 hour (minimum) to 3 hours 
  •  ABORIGINAL SYMBOLS  -  Participants are educated about Aboriginal symbols and how and why they were utilised in Aboriginal culture.  This workshop also incorporates a colouring-in or painting activity depending on timeframe and age of participants. Also incorporating games such as ‘Hunt’ and ‘Emu Run’. Ages: prep and up - Timeframe: 40 mins (minimum) to 2 hours 
  •  ABORIGINAL TOOLS  -  Participants learn about Aboriginal tools and materials, and how and why they were utilised in Aboriginal culture and lifestyle.  This workshop also incorporates examples of the tools and an opportunity for participants to see and touch the tools as well. Can also include a colouring-in or painting activity depending on timeframe and age of participants.  Ages: prep and up - Timeframe: 40 mins (minimum) to 2 hours 

To find out more on De's workshops go to her website

Tania Thomas – Dirrabou Consultancy

Tania is Kamilaroi woman, primary school teacher and cultural consultant. She works with Early Years educators and teachers (P-12) to help them to respectfully embed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives in the curriculum and in their practices. Tania can work with whole school/service, curriculum leaders, specific subject area teachers and/or ‘all-rounders/generalists’. ·        Need support with embedding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives in the curriculum? ·        Afraid to do or say the wrong thing? ·        Have some resources but not sure if the way you are using them is appropriate? ·        Have some ideas but want to check them with an Indigenous person? ·        Need links to community members and other resources? Tania can support you with linking resources and activities to the QKLG, EYLF and the Australian Curriculum Versions 7 and/or 8.1. Contact Tania Thomas – 0428 452 776 or


Lucas Proudfoot from Circular Rhythm

 "Circular Rhythm is Accredited by Education Queensland  P-7 and BLUE CARD registered” 

  • Curriculum Connections
  • This program could be an exciting component to your school's SOSE and performaing Arts program, Indigenous Studies has proven to be a popular option for NAIDOC Week celebrations

Circular Rhythum has developed contemporary musical performances with dance and culture representing his own Indigenous background which he performs in schools across Australia and beyond. Lucas has a lovely ability to encourage participation and learning with his young audiences.

Mereki Aboriginal Workshops and Cultural Learning Experiences

"Mereki, from The Kangaroo Club offers an Indigenous cultural learning experience especially designed for pre-school and primary school children, through performance, hands on arts and crafts, story telling and singing and dance. Entertaining, fun and educational, Mereki weaves the timelessness and beauty of traditional Aboriginal Culture into a contemporary, magical learning experience. Children are encouraged to learn through participation and discussion. Sessions begin with a song and cultural time where the children are shown traditional artifacts and learn how and why they are used in everyday traditional life" To contact Mereki in the Nth NSW region please call 02 6624 6508 or email on

Pass Australia Indigenous Cultural Workshops

Yarramundi Kids

The Yarramundi Kids have toured all around Australia, New Zealand and Ireland. They have performed live in schools and communities

Darug Tribal Aboriginal Corportation

Goombuckar Cultural Awareness Training

Goombuckar Creations is a locally Sunshine Coast owned & Family operated business providing and promoting a hands on cultural experience for all. With some of the country’s oldest traditions too our national interactive website we aim to provide you with the most recent and relevant was of learning about one of our country’s oldest culture.

Looking for a Traditional Indigenous or Contemporary Experience? Click on the links that suit and start your adventure or call Kerry or Sarah on 0754468226 for more information

Goombuckar have als recently launched a 34 seater cultural bus that comes to YOU! This 34 seater bus is converted into a mobile Indigenous learning Platform, a living history and story telling experience that students will enjoy coming aboard and leraning about local Indigenous places, people and culture, fo more info click here


Larry Brandy Aboriginal Workshops

Message from Larry - I would just like to introduce myself and to promote my storytelling business. I run workshops for children of all ages where I introduce children and students to Wiradjuri (Aboriginal culture). I have performed in museums, libraries and schools and am passionate about my culture. Children enjoy becoming kangaroos and emus and learning how we hunted in traditional times. I have attached my flyer for more information, and I also have a website and facebook page  if you would like more information. 

My session goes for about 40 minutes and I can also add activities such as painting emu callers or clap sticks. 
If you would like any more information please feel free to contact me. I am based in Canberra but regularly travel to NSW. 


Professional Didgeridoo and Didjeribone player Tjupurru tours extensively every year to play at festivals, events and schools across Australia. If you’d like Tjupurru to come and do a performance at your school or event, click the link for more details!


Balaangala Education Program, Brisbane

Balaangala coordinates education worlkshops alongside presenters with appropriate cultural knowledge and experience. Contact them on

 Murra Murra Cultural Workshops

 Murra Murra Weaving Programs  &  Workshops

 Are in big demand across Sydney and further afield with esteemed clients including Weaving Workshops hosted at diverse events including :

 The Sydney Opera House - Message Sticks, Indigenous Arts & Cultural Festival ,

 Sydney Harbour Foreshore-Discovery Museum, Indigenous Artists Residency

 National Centre for Indigenous Excellence - Facilitation of

Traditional Weaving Workshop with Local Redfern Indigenous Elders group

 Sydney University -

Post Graduate Studies

National Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander week of Indigenous Cultural Celebrations Event

Contact Nadeena Dixon on 0410791781 or on her website


Polynesia & The South Pacific

Hula Hips 

  • Hula Hips Events is Australia's largest provider of authentic Hawaiian and Polynesian dancing, entertainers and musicans. If your school needs an amazing group full of talent and "Spunk" check them out at

African or Middle Eastern

Baala Baajo

African Drum and Dance classes - and African cultural dances and drumming for child care or corporate events

  • Dynamic African drumming performances for all occasions -  festivals, conferences, multicultural events, weddings and birthday parties and more
  • Captivating and vibrant African drum and dance  workshops and performances for schools and early childhood environments
  • African drumming workshops for team building and corporate events
  • African drum and dance workshops and classes
  • African drum making
  • Private African drum and dance tuition
.....bringing Africa to life through music, song and dance. www.Baala

African Beat

You probably never thought it was possible for a room full of children to be captivated by one single person. Our African Master Drummer will have the children spellbound. He comes dressed in a colourful and authentic African costume, and brings a drum for every child. 
Children have an immediate attraction to the drums and love to feel the rhythm. Interactive drumming is an excellent energy release, encouraging social interaction and building confidence. 
With over 10 years of experience, our African Master Drummer is an expert at keeping the children entertained, through the use of age appropriate games, stories and rhythm activities. This is a 50 minute high energy and interactive show, where every child gets a turn on the drums.

African Beat is authorised by the Department of Education NSW
All our performers have Blue Cards (QLD).

American Tribal Style Belly Dancing & Drummers

  • Africa & Middle East - American Tribal Style Belly Dancing & Drummers is a blend of dance and music from North Africa and  The Middle East, with influences from Flamenco, Indian, Balinese, Romani and modern styles too, for more information on a local dance troup please visit 

African Drum and Dance

Learn West African drumming and dance with Linda, Yenenesh and Michi.

  1. Classes in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere

  2. All levels catered for, beginner to advanced

  3. Traditional and contemporary West African dance moves

  4. Have fun and get fit!

  5. Learn djembe, dundun or both

  6. Bring your own drum or use one of ours

If you have been thinking of doing this "African Drum and Dance Thing", take the plunge and experience the groove. Guaranteed to make you feel good and put some swing into your life

Contact Michi on 0411 182700 or Linda on 0434 625 550

Arabian Desert Workshops

*Through stories inspired by beautiful picture boards, the children learn a little of Ancient Egypt and of desert life and culture.

*Through pantomime the children become a self sufficient nomadic tribe, as each child receives a responsibility in order to survive the harsh desert conditions.

*Quick dress ups in veils and scarves, and props for all, such as water pots, swords and snakes, drive the kids wild with excitement.

*As does Princess Shahara’s awesome Belly Dance demonstration.

*Exercise is enjoyed while wiggling and giggling, learning belly dancing. Spirits soar as the children dance in a rainbow of veils.

 For testimonials from teachers & contact details please go to my Shahara's website in Brisbane

The Global Learning Centre - "Supporting education for justice, peace and sustainability"

  • Global Learning Centre is a non-profit community organisation providing professional support, education, courses and resources to teachers, student-teachers and the general public. It consists of a public library based on the values of social justice, peace and ecological sustainability.
  • Global Learning Centre's mission statement is " We aim to promote understanding of people's shared responsibilities for developing more peaceful, just and ecologically sustainable communities in our world".
  • Global Education promotes long term solutions to social and envirornmental problems. Solutions that reduce poverty, connect social and enviornmental issues locally and globally, affirm and celebrate cultural diversity, and involve everyone. Please call Sahne or Alisa to discuss your schools needs as they are more than happy to help you however they can. 07 3857 6666

Enviornmental & Values

Fabulous Lemon Drops Music Group

  • The Fabulous Lemon Drop's do Multicultural and Enviornmental shows around the Brisbane and SE QLd area for under 8's - to find out more visit Dez and Vanessa at Fabulous Lemon Drops

Japanese Workshops in Brisbane

  • Takako performs at both public and private events. The performance style can be arranged to suit your next special event. She can provide a koto workshop, background/dinner music or a formal concert. The programme may feature either a solo Koto performance or a duet with another instrument such as Shakuhachi. Takako can provide contemporary and/or traditional music.
  • To contact Koto Brisbane please go to their website
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