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Embracing Cultural Diversity in Australia

The pursuing attitudes are based on Australia's parliamentary customs and reflect the symmetry of rights and responsibilities that are fundamental to these customs; they underpin Australian multiculturalism.

 Responsibilities For All

Every Australian has a civic responsibility to advocate those primary structures and attitudes of Australian society which secures us our freedom and equality and enable cultural diversity in our society to thrive.

 Respect Each Person

Subject to the law, each Australian has the right to express their own culture and beliefs, and have a mutual responsibility to honour the right of others to do the likewise.

 Fairness To Each Person

All Australians are entitled to equality of treatment and opportunity.  Social equity permits us all to contribute to the social, political and economic life of Australia, exempt from discrimination, including, on the basis of race, culture, religion, language, location, gender or birthplace.

 Benefits For All

Every last Australian benefits from productive diversity that provides substantial cultural, social and economic dividends originating from the diversity of our population. 

Cultural Diversity Works for all Australians!

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