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Wanting To Get More Involved With Your Local Indigenous Community? Here Are 10 Ideas On How To Do Just That!

Contact your local indigenous community.

The local Lands Council, Aboriginal cultural centres, Aboriginal Community Liaison Officers (ACLOs), Aboriginal Education Officers (AEOs) or the Aboriginal Heritage Office should be able to advise the best contacts for local Aboriginal people.

Acknowledge Country.

This short announcement at the beginning of special events is an easy way to show recognition to the local indigenous people.

  • Invite members to your centre for a celebration or other special event.
  • Introduce Indigenous resources into the classroom, items like flags, puzzles and musical instruments.
  • Invite Indigenous performers or artists to put on a show for your students.
  • Plan an excursion or incursion to see Indigenous art or people.
  • Discover local Indigenous food.
  • Learn about how the local Aborigines would have lived prior to European settlement.
  • Identify local Indigenous events and include them in the centre’s programme.
  • Learn some key words in the local Indigenous language.

Click here for a Welcome to Country & Acknowledgment to Country

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