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Integrating a foreign language into your classroom? 10 Ideas to make this happen everyday with ease!

  • Do you know any native speakers of the language? Invite them to your classroom for some interaction
  • Use different forms of media (books, music, DVDs) to excite the children.
  • Make it fun – games, songs and activities are easy ways to do this. Why not try “Heads Shoulders, Knees and Toes” in your new language?
  • Repetition is the key to making words stick – so be prepared to revise, repeat and reiterate
  • Place name signs on objects around the classroom in the new language. If your students are too young to read, it will still trigger your memory to say the alternate word for the object each time you see the sign
  • Communicate your progress with the parents and caregivers. Include a list of words so the children can practice at home
  • Put on a show! Rehearse a poem, song or sketch in the second language to perform to an audience
  • Don’t just stop at the language – investigate the country of origin with your class too with food, costumes and pictures
  • Start easy, with individual words, and work up to phrases and sentences as your students gain more confidence
  • Informal learning. Use everyday conversation and play opportunities to expand the vocabulary of your students

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