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Caring for Your Recycled Play Mats

All our recycled play mats have been made to the best attainable standards from UV treated recycled polypropylene.

We make no assertions on the longevity of these recycled mats as there are too many variables including care, exposure to continuous direct sunlight, contact with abrasive cleaners (which we do not recommend) etc.

We do however offer a standard 14 day right of return.

To care for your play mats, we suggest that they not be left out in the weather for long periods of time, although they are UV treated it does not mean that they are protected from extended exposure or extended moisture

To care for your recycled plastic polypropylene indoor/outdoor play mats, we suggest that when dirty either use your vacuum cleaner to run over them or take them outside and rinse with a hose (being plastic and rubber this will not deteriorate your product).

If food or the likes has gotten wedged into the woven fabric of the play mats, you may wish to use warm water and a soft broom to lightly scrub the dirt out, hose clean and allow to dry on a fence or washing line. (Do not use a guerny on these mats as they will blow apart with the intense pressure)

To store your indoor/outdoor mats when not in use, we suggest that you roll the small mat up for storage and for the medium and large mats to simply fold your mats back along the seems and then roll or fold for storage.

We suggest that you do not keep heavy items on your play mats during storage, as this may leave permanent dents in the mats.

If using your plastic /indoor outdoor mat beneath a table setting, ensure that the feet of the chairs and tables are larger than the size of a 5 cent piece, so that the feet will not get caught in the woven fabric which could otherwise tear with chairs are being moved around on them and ensure that they are kept OUT of direct sun as over time they will breakdown if they are left for long periods in direct sunlight.

On occasion if the mat is getting extensively used in a rough daily environment, the seems between the mats may fail, it is possible to simply re-stitch these back together using a strong cotton or fishing twine and a large needle available from any sewing shop for around $2. If using your plastic mats on a wood or tile floor we suggest that you anchor the corners down with a coffee table to couch to ensure that the mat does not slip, or use non-skid under the mat to keep it in place.

If you treat your mats with respect and care you should have a long and fruitful life togther...enjoy and thanks!

Our welcome door mat range are made from recycled car tyres and PET bottles, this are very hard wearing. They are covered with scotchguard so you can vacuum them or wash with warm soapy wter if they are really really fillfy you can use a guerny to clean them - but use the guery softly and from a distance to clean do not hold guerny to close when pressure is applied. We expect these door mats to last around 5 years. We are unable to say if they will fade or not - we assume they will if left in full sun (most front doors will be in at least part shade). To date we have had ours in sun for 5 months and it is still 100% fine, so we do not make any definite timeframes on how long they take to fade as it really depends on what part of the country you are in and if you leave them in full sun or not!

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