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Mission Statement:

“To bring the beauty and essence of living in a global world with diverse cultures to all teachers and students within Australia, by supplying Teachers and Parents with quality, useful and fun multicultural products that teach children and adults about Global Cultures.

We can achieve this by educating ourselves and others on Cultures and Customs, so that we may learn respect for those who are different from ourselves and begin to understand why certain things are done certain ways

There is no right or wrong way of travelling life's cycle, that is the true beauty, there are only differences.

It is these difference that makes us all special.

All cultures are unique and all deserve respect and consideration. The only way to understand these difference's is to learn and allow ourselves to be non-judgmental.

It is through the understanding of other cultures that we also learn about our own


Through education this can be achieved.

It is the goal of Global Kids Oz, to provide the education sector with products that will aid in this learning process. We endeavour to supply products that are made from the cultural heartbeat of the country where the product originated from, although this is not always practical or possible. We support many Fair Trade businesses where no exploitation of labour can been attributed to the production of the products. Global Kids Oz also supports businesses and communities who can make products from natural / recycled resources."

Global Kids Oz, supports fair and ethical trading and manufacturing standards for all. Where possible we pledge to re-use and recycle our own boxes, paper, packing materials when ever we can to reduce our carbon footprint on the planet and when using airplane travel, carbon offsets will be purchased to also reduce our impact on our fragile environment.

We try our best to keep our prices low and affordable, we have low overhead costs, we do not pay commissions to distributors or high rents for office space, so that means that in turn we can pass on our savings to you.

This makes learning about other cultures more cost effective for everyone enabling us all to have access to a range of products to aid in the learning process.



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