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Worldwide - Children of the World Memory Game

Worldwide - Children of the World Memory Game

Inspired by the title "If your happy and you know it", this memory game utilizes one of the greatest attributes of the book, the adorable children from all over the world-to encourage memory and matching skills.

The object of the game is to match the boy and girl pairs according to the traditional dress, country, name and colour featured on each card.

 A delight for even Mum's and Dad's to play too!

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Worldwide - Children of the World Memory Game Testimonials

This is a game I have been playing with my four year old. Once he got the hang of it he loved the game but the learning experience that went with playing this game was more than I imagined. He picked up on more than I thought he would and I think the knowledge he now has about other cultures is more extensive than I would have ever thought to teach him. He himself was asking questions like; What the children were wearing? and Where does this person come from? He was interested because all the memory cards were different, (other than their match).

Not only did this product give us a lot of fun but it also created many a conversation which has opened his eyes to our world in general but more specifically our multicultural environment locally. Wonderful, wonderful product that we will be using for many years to come. I have already been on the Global Kids Ozto see their other products, which can continue to open my sons’ eyes to the world.

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