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Worldwide - Kids World Party

Worldwide - Kids World Party
PUT 39

Putumayo's kids party album commemorates Amnesty International's 50th anniversary 

Putumayo Kids presents Kids World Party, a global medley of fun tunes from Trinidad to South Africa. Kids World Party marks a special partnership with Amnesty International, with 50c US from the sale of each CD going to the Nobel Peace Prize-winning organization in commemoration of its 50th anniversary and in support of its work to promote and protect human rights worldwide.

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Worldwide - Kids World Party Testimonials

Kids World Party CD  I played it in the car with my two boys in the back; we all loved the tunes. The music was up beat, happy and festive, an absolute pleasure to listen to. In fact I enjoyed it some much I played it twice in a row on our travels. Some of the songs I recognized but they had been recreated by their individual sounding renditions. This would be a lovely CD to play as nice background music at a dinner party and yet is just as enjoyable to be played while the kids are up dancing.

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