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Recycled Mats
Year 2 - Semester 2 - English Units

Year 2 - Semester 2 - English Units



Unit 7 Outline: Students read, view and listen to a range of stories from other cultures, including traditional oral tales & picture books. They create a written recount of an event in the life of a person or character from one of the stories studied.
Suitable Texts:
*Sam's Bush Journey (indigenous authors) - a boy's story of survival
*Bip the Snapping Bungaroo ( Narelle McRobbie & Grace Fielding) Dreamtime narrative text
*The Day of The Elephant (Barbara Ker Wilson)  contemporary narrative about the day of the Asian Tsunami & how an elephant saved children
*Home Now- A Story Of (Lesley Beake) - a girl's experience in South Africa
*The Best Winds (Laura E.W Williams) - Korean Tale

How do these texts fit with C2C unit plan?
These texts all include a unique event in the central character's life, suitable for students to analyse and recount in detail, while encouraging intercultural understanding and appreciation.


Please note that as new resources suitable for the AC are found these kits may change

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