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Australia - "Walkabout Mat" Table Top size

Australia - Walkabout Mat Table Top size

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Australian Maderecycled

Walkabout Mat- Aboriginal culture for kids

 Teach Aboriginal culture for kids the way all kids love to learn- with play! Let this Indigenous interpretation of ‘Snakes and Ladders’ get your children engaging with all their senses as they move and connect on our large floor game mat. As the game unfolds your players will vie for the “Walkabout” spaces where their special cultural knowledge shoots them forward or are punished for walking on the “Sacred Site” and must go back to learn respect. This game is suitable for 2-4 players for ages 3 and up, and includes 1 die and a laminated instruction card.

Use fun to connect your kids and support Aboriginal arts

 Children as young as three can participate making this game mat a great tool to encourage interaction amongst diverse age groups. This contemporary Aboriginal arts product makes exploring Aboriginal culture for kids both an educational and dynamic journey. When not in use the mat can be displayed or disassembled and stored away. This high quality product is built to withstand the rigours of enthusiastic play!

 Aboriginal culture for kids by a respected elder and an Indigenous graphic designer

The "Walkabout" game mat is the creative design of Uncle Barry Watson, Elder in Residence of Communities for Children in Logan Brisbane. Global Kids Oz & Recycled Mats has worked in conjunction with Uncle Barry and used the creative design talents of De Greer Yindimincarlie from Yindiartz to deliver an authentic Aboriginal arts product crafted by contemporary Indigenous people. The Walkabout game mat is constructed like a jigsaw from 15 mat squares and can be easily transported and stored. They are numbered on the back for fast set up and constructed from recycled car tyres for environmentally friendly, robust play. 

This is a perfect activity that the whole family can play and easily transports inside, outside, and under the sprinkler or camping. This product is a game, a mat and a cultural learning tool held together with our ingenious puzzle design. Order yours today!

This mat is also available in 580x780 size suitable for a table top for $79.95 

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Australia - "Walkabout Mat" Table Top size Testimonials

The children at Yuingi use the table top one frequently, they love it. Thank you so much great addition to our resources

I help run a program in Castlemaine in Central Victoria for Primary School INdigenous students. I bough one of your big mats and the kids love it. I also bought your Walkabout Game and I have added a twist that others might like. I have made 2 sets of cards with questions on them one set hard (eg: who was the first Aboriginal politician) and the other easy (what dies the yellow circle on the Aboriginal Flag represent). If they land on "walkabout" they have to answer an easy question to be allowed to go on Walkabout, if they land on "Sacred Site" they have to answer a hard question to be allowed to go past it. In either if you get the answer wrong you go back. I use facts that are local under the guidance of our Elders. Julie via Facebook


“This resource is fantastic because it has so many educational uses for Early Childhood  – Co-operative Play, Art, Indigenous Symbols, Counting and Fine Motor Skills. This locally made product is therefore excellent for embedding Indigenous Culture. Everyone who borrows it from our library say they use it in so many different ways! We recommend this as a resource that can be used over and over.”From the Noah’s Ark Team

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