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Aboriginal - Set of 5 welcome door mat sets

Aboriginal - Set of 5 welcome door mat sets
GKOZ Indigenous Door Mat set

Not for Commercial use, door mats are designed for residential use only

Celebrate Indigenous culture in your centre or community group with this set of 5 indigenous door mats made from recycled tyres and designed by local indigenous artsits, Lee Townsend & Helen Price. Each mat measures 42.5x62.5cm in width and height and are easy to clean and can be used both indoors and outoors.
  • This gorgeous design by Lee Townsend, Dharug and Kamilaroi Country is a piece of art as Lee describes as names safe journey and welcome back and is designed to be used as a door mat for home, schools or community groups. The overlapping boomerangs represent a safe journey for you, your family, friends and community when leaving and a welcome return after your journey away.
  • Lee has named "Our Place" It represents the diversity within this great country Australia. It reflects the many different places and people. It does not show any particular language group or boarders but the vastness of differences in this wonderful country we call home 
  • These new Indigenous door mats are an excellent way to welcome your guests into your home, school, childcare centre, Church or office with a touch of local culture! "Which way" is an expression used throughout the Torres Strait Islands & Queensland (Murri people) Which means, whats happening, how you going, where you going, what did you say
  • "Come in for a Yarn" speaks for itself and encourages guests to feel welcome
  • "Aussie People" door mat celebrates all Australian's and their heritage and ancestry no matter where they are from on the planet, the one thing in common is that we all call Australia home.

Here's the general specification for all our recycled welcome door mats. 

  • They are 42.5cm x 62.5 cm in size and 6 mm thick
  • Each mat is made from recycled car tyres and PET drink bottles
  • The print uses the latest high tech printing processes and is durable, permanent and vividly colorful.
  • For additional protection, all mats are treated with Stain Guard for protection from spills and to give a longer life mat. The print and mat have an expected 5 year life.
  • They may be used both indoors and out, although long term sun exposure may fade your mat sooner than if kept in the shade
  • Mats can be cleaned with warm soapy water, vacummed or given a once over with a guerny if very dirty (ensure guerny is help at least 2 feet away from the mat)
If at the time of order we do not have stock of all these designs we will include a different design of equal or higher value of another Indigenous design to complete your order.
Not suitable for commercial use.
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