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Celtic - Celtic Dreamland Sleeptime CD

Celtic - Celtic Dreamland Sleeptime CD
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Celtic music has long been known for both its danceable jigs and reels and its tranquil, beautiful melodies. For its latest release, Putumayo Kids focuses on the softer side of Celtic music, harvested from the rich musical traditions of Ireland, Scotland, eastern Canada and beyond. Celtic Dreamland features songs that are perfect for the slumbering child, meditating mom and dad or the weary worker desperate for a little quiet relaxation.

Track Listing

  1. Lasairfhíona Ní Chonaola • Casadh an tSúgáin • (Ireland)
  2. Teresa Doyle • Dream Angus • (Canada)
  3. Dougie MacLean • Goodnight and Joy • (Scotland)
  4. Karen Matheson • An Fhideag Airgid • (Scotland)
  5. Aine Minogue • The Dove's Return • (Ireland)
  6. Mary Jane Lamond • Cagaran Gaolach • (Canada)
  7. Mairi MacInnes • Eilean M' Àraich • (Scotland)
  8. Susan McKeown • A Phlúirín Mhilis • (Ireland)
  9. Seamus Egan • When Juniper Sleeps • (USA)
  10. The Cast • Ye Banks and Braes • (Scotland)

Suitable for Quality Area 4 & 6

Putumayo regulary donates to the following charities and has given over a US$1 million to date; Action Againist Hunger, Aid to Artisans, Amnesty International, Global Exchange, Global Fund for Women, Habitat for Humanity, National Dance Institute, Oxfam America, Oxfam Netherlands, Red Cross for Haiti victims, Slow Food & the Wildlife Conservation

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Celtic - Celtic Dreamland Sleeptime CD Testimonials

“We have many children’s music CD’s but Putumayo is some thing quite different and special. We especially love Animal Playground and all enjoyed dancing around the lounge the other morning, my husband included!!  The Celtic Dreamland is a personal favourite and I play it for myself after the kids have gone to bed aswell as when I put them down for the night, so that I can also relax and whind down at the end of the day.”  Jayne Edgington

2008 Parents Choice Silver Award

Multicultural resources, Indigenous, Maori, Cultural Diversity in childcare, multiculturalism, cultural learning resources