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Aboriginal - Emu/Cassowary Caller

Aboriginal - Emu/Cassowary Caller
Australian MadeFair tradeHand Made

These beautifully made emu/cassowary callers have such a unique sound to them. Simply cup your hand and tap on one end of the caller and it makes a true representation on what emus sound like in the wild. These callers were used to attract emus closer to hunters in the bush. Originally, emu callers were chosen from the bush scrub for their sound quality. They were pieces of bush wood that termites had hollowed out, leaving a hard, exterior shell that became the caller. The emu caller can also be seen and heard in some Aboriginal ceremonies. 

These products are made in Queensland by the process of machine turning and are then outsourced to Aboriginal people, who hand-paint them and return them to the warehouse for dipping, sealing and packing. Each emu caller comes with its own Authenticated label, with a brief description of thge product.

Non resin-coated $39.50

As each caller is unique, colours and length vary. The approximate length is 30cm. The picture shows the resin-coated callers, lying flat, and the non-resin coated, standing.  Both are fantastic quality and come with a manufacturer's warranty.

Web Price $39.95
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