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Tanzania - We all went on Safari in Tanzania Counting Book 1 - 10

Tanzania - We all went on Safari in Tanzania Counting Book 1 - 10
a portion donated

A Counting Journey Through Tanzania

Learn to count in Swahili while discovering African animals on an exciting safari through the grasslands of Tanzania.The lively, rhyming text is supplemneted by a map and by facts about Tanzania and the Masai people; notes about each of the animals; and an illustration guide to counting in Swahili. Facts about Tanzania, Swahili counting, the Maasai people and a map are included at the end.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each book will be donated to the African Wildlife Foundation, to aid in their wildlife conservation and community building efforts in Tanzania. Printed on 100% acid free paper.

Ages 4 to 10 years

"We purchased the children’s book “We all Went on Safari” to give our children a little insight into African life as my husband works in Mozambique from time to time.  We are learning to count to ten in Swahili and the kids have great pride in their  Swahili alias’ too (Tumpe- Tom and Mosi – Em...names are allocated according to their qualities).  We are enjoying learning something new together.  Good for our children to see their parents on a learning journey also.  Thank you  for these wonderful resources JJ"  Tahlene (mother of 6yo and 4yo)

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Tanzania - We all went on Safari in Tanzania Counting Book 1 - 10 Testimonials

Recommended by the NSW Premier of books to read list, 2009

5 Stars


 Counting in Swahili and Animal Facts Date: June 30, 2009
Well-written, Animals, Diversity, Educational, Multicultural, Colorful, Bedtime, Great illustrations, africa, tanzania, swahili

This is a favorite bedtime book in our house. My son enjoys learning to count in Swahili and my daughter is delighted by all of the animals. As they grow, the book will grow with them and they'll learn more facts about each of the animals in the book as well as more about Tanzania. The illustrations are beautiful as well.
Great to incorporate into lessons! Date: June 25, 2009
Animals, Educational, Multicultural

I teach Kindermusik and have used this book for "Story Time" with great success. Additionally, I intend to use this book for my children during homeschooling this year. Not only do you get to learn to count in Swahili, but you also learn the names of the animals and a little bit about the area in which they live. Excellent!
  Date: June 24, 2009
Easy to read, Animals, Diversity, Educational, Multicultural, Colorful, Bedtime, Great illustrations

This is my favorite Laurie Krebs book. Not only do you learn about the numbers in English, but you learn them in Swahili as well. Not only do you learn about the African animals of the region, but you learn about the Maasai as well. I like how Laurie Krebs uses Swahili names for her characters and explains their meanings in the annex. It is a book that makes young kids want to go to Africa and see it all for themselves.
Multicultural resources, Indigenous, Maori, Cultural Diversity in childcare, multiculturalism, cultural learning resources