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Aboriginal - Winanggaay - Art Interpretation Kit

Aboriginal - Winanggaay - Art Interpretation Kit
Australian Made

Stories from Donna Hensen, a descendant of the Wiradujuri people of inland New South Wales. The Wiradjuri people were one of the largest groups in what was pre-European New South Wales.

Traditionally, Aboriginal culture did not have a formal, written language that could be passed down and kept on record for future generations. However, Aboriginal history has a rich oral and visual culture, which has been passed to successive generations through art, song, dance and storytelling.

Donna worked for the New South Wales Education Department and has created this kit to help fill a need for appropriate educational resources for use in classrooms around Australia and beyond. This kit aims to encourage the understanding and appreciation of Aboriginal art, language and culture. The more non-Indigenous people learn to understand and interpret Aboriginal art, the more it can be appreciated and respected. It is also equally important for Aboriginal people to learn about their own heritage.

This kit includes a sections on bush food, fish billabong, flame tree and playful song and comes with teaching aids and activities, blackline masters for photocopying, three original artwork pieces, two A4 photos for activity use, symbols and pronunciation tips.

Enjoy and celebrate the Winanggaay by learning about them and their culture.

Suits children from Prep to Upper Primary.

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