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Aboriginal - Fair Skin Black Fella - Book

Aboriginal - Fair Skin Black Fella - Book
MAG 07
Australian Made

This is the story of Mary, a young Aboriginal girl who lives on a dusty cattle station. When Mary is shunned by the other girls because of her fair skin, one of the community elders, Old Ned, speaks out. With words full of knowledge and wisdom, he teaches the girls that Aboriginal identity transcends skin colour and that family, community, country, culture and spirituality are what being Aboriginal is really about.

With this book, Renee Fogorty demonstrates that prejudice has no boundaries and that it occurs within and between cultural groups. Her personal perspective makes Fair Skin Black Fella a tale of universal experience that many young readers will identify with. Renee’s contemporary artwork is both whimsical and streetwise, and her colourful characters will appeal to readers of all ages.

Renee is a Wiradjuri woman from Sydney who wrote and illustrated Fair Skin Black Fella as a Year 12 student. Her own experiences while growing up inspried her to write a non-confrontational story about the importance of belonging and acceptance while exploring the cultural identity issues facing young Australians.

Suitable for primary school age children.

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