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Australian - Animal Play Mat Set

Australian -  Animal Play Mat Set
Australian Maderecycled

A standard set of 12 play mats in a wooden box. The inspiration for these play mats came from a number of sources, most importantly from a teacher in the remote north of Western Australia.
The teacher supported children with extreme behaviours and these were solved by using mats similar to ours.
The idea is for each child to adopt an animal totem from the play mat they are given. This animal then accompanies the child on their learning journey.
The mats, one for each student, are placed on the floor as needed and students sit on their mat, with their animal totem, during learning.
If they get up they always go back to the same mat. The outcome is improved child behaviour and better learning outcomes.

The standard set of 12 play mats comes in a wooden box for ease of storage.

These play mats are designed to be of a size manageable by children aged 3 to 7 years.

• They are 36cm x 52cm and 6 mm thick.

• Each mat is made from recycled car tyres and recycled PET drink bottles.

• The print uses the latest high-tech printing processes and is durable, permanent and vividly colourful.

• For additional protection, all mats are treated with Stain Guard for protection against spills and to give a longer life mat. The print and mat have an expected 5-year life.

• Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.
As these mats are made to order, there is a two-week delivery time on this product.
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