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The Key To a Successful Multicultural Australia Is:


Multiculturalism sums up the way we handle the challenges and the opportunities of our cultural diversity. 

Every Australian benefits from our diverseness, and all Australians have the right to be active and equal participants in Australian society.  We should be free to live our own lives and uphold our cultural traditions, but to bear a favourable involvement in Australian society.

Multiculturalism reflects a fresh way of envisaging the community of the nation. 

It redefines our national identity to reflect the diversity of those who comprise our society.  It's about and for every Australian and embraces the heritage of Indigenous Australians, early European colonisation, our Australian-grown customs and those of the diverse scope of migrants arriving in our country.

An administration of unity and regard, multiculturalism acknowledges and celebrates Australia's cultural diversity and isn't a system of segmentation.  It accepts and abides by the rights of every Australian to convey and share their personal cultural heritage within a predominant loyalty to Australia and it's inhabitants and the primary structures and values of Australian society.

When the Whitlam government offically redefined Australia as a multicultural society in 1973, it adopted the term from Canada but represented it in a very contrasting way. 

In Canada, multiculturalism was meant to preserve and promote the individual cultures and rights of it's distinct cultural groups.  In Australia, the term served to recognise the irrevocable cultural pluralism brought to Australia by government led 30 years of migration, and to guarantee equality.  In December 1973, the Minister for Immigration, A.J Grassby, identified Australian society as one “in which equal opportunity is accompanied by cultural diversity in an environment of acceptance and tolerance.”

The multicultural policies developed under the Fraser and succeeding governments proposed to ensure the equal involvement of migrants in society, while acknowledging their rights to maintain their cultural divergences.

We have designed a multicultural nation by joining our individual cultural traditions and values for the common intention of cultivating a common future.

Multicultural Australia accentuates the things that connect us as a people - our mutual membership of the Australian community, our desire for social harmony, and the benefits of our diversity for every last one of us.

Global Kids Oz supports inclusion of all cultures, hence Global Kids Oz was created to provide teachers and parents with the resources needed to support multicultural and cultural diversity education and inclusion of all. Feel free to continue to peruse our website catalogue to see our vast range of resources available.

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