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Multicultural Indoor or Outdoor Play Mats

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Siapo is typically a fine tissue like cloth made from the bark of the mulberry tree and is a symbol of many cultures in the South Pacific.

 Siapo mats were once used on a day to day basis in the homes of many South Pacific cultures, but due to it's tendency to crumble when wet they are slowly being replaced by the contemporary durability of these recycled-plastic mats.

 Our Polynesian Flower mats still retain the original siapo mat design of a grid of squares containing a geometrical pattern which reflects the cultural environment in which the mat was made – in this case Polynesia. But has been made more versatile through the modern use of recycled materials.

 The beauty of these outdoor play mats don't just lie in their visual appeal though.  Being made from a durable recycled-plastic means (old coke and water bottles) our siapo mats are completely child-friendly, making them ideal for child care centres, schools and high traffic children's areas in the home or play areas.

They are also suitable for the new EYLF requirements, and fit into both enviornmental and multicultural resources suitable for the learning enviornment to promote cultural diversity for children.

 Their versatility, light weight and durability is only enhanced by how easy they are to keep clean.  Dirt and food spills need no longer be a problem in any child care centre, school or home.  Simply vacuum up the offending spills, give them a quick wash over with soapy water, then toss them over the line or fence to dry.  Easy!

 Common Uses:

  • Outdoor Play Mat in Child Care Centres and Kindy's
  • Library Story Telling Rugs
  • Spread it on the floor to catch paint spills while the kids are having fun
  • Use an outdoor mat on school or family outings
  • Perfect for the beach – sand just washes off
  • High Traffic Areas
  • Brighten a classroom or kids play room
  • Camping
  • Dog grooming shows
  • Markets stalls
  • Lounge room floors or runners
  • Cultural Wall Art

 The possibilities are endless with our siapo mats.  They even fold up for easy storage.

 These outdoor play mats are incredibly popular for schools, child care centres, kindys and for personal use, so your choice of colour or pattern may not be in stock at the time of order. We get new shipments in every 3 - 4 weeks, so it will never be long until your choice is back in stock.

We are pleased that people from all over the world are enjoying using and seeing our recycled rugs and helping us keep alive the Pan-Pacific tradition of 'Utility in Art’

There are imitations available on the market that are of lesser quality and that are not multicultural with their designs so please make an informed decision. Global Kids Oz is proud to be your sole supplier of these mats to the education sector in Australia.

Our siapo play mats are designed in New Zealand by a family with heritage links to both Maori and Samoan culture, thus ensuring that the designs are created with respect and cultural understanding. The mats are manufactured in India under fair working and trade conditions.

All our mats have been made to the best attainable standards from UV treated recycled polypropylene. We make no assertions on the longevity of the product as there are too many variables including care, exposure to continuous direct sunlight, contact with abrasive cleaners etc

Please also note that although these play mats are wonderful to use outside, we do not suggest that are left outside in direct and permanent sun and rain full time due to high UV exposure, we also suggest that if purchasing a medium or large mat that when in storage ensure they are clean, dry and folded along the seems .

We are also in the process of working with an Indigenous Australian family to design an Australian version of the Siapo mat too - so watch this space for further information. We are hoping for these to be available later in 2011.

 Global Kids Oz offers a 14 day money back or exchange guarantee on all our items including these mats. So if you feel your mat has arrived in anything less than 100% perfect condition please contact us immedialty so that we may rectify the situation on your behalf.

 We also offer discounts on our mats for orders of 10 mats or over, please email or call us on 1300 32 00 65 for more information


For mat care pls download this information page

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