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At Global Kids Oz We Care for Our Environment - Our Green Policy

To reduce our carbon footprint Global Kids Oz supports recycling and helping the environment

  • recycles all cardboard boxes, bubble wrap and paper
  • we use recycled printer paper 
  • recycles all aluminum, glass and paper that comes though the office
  • we turn off all lights and  when not using rooms and have our machines switch to standby
  • we purchase carbon off-set credits when we fly 
  • where possible we purchase goods that are recycled as a priority product over a non-recycled product
  • our shopping bags that we sell our products in at markets and conferences are made in the slums of India, the bags are made from recycled newspapers and gives work to many people that would otherwise have no source of income
  • we use recycled bags when we do our own shopping and stay clear of plastic bags where possible
  • we recently purchased a more fuel economical car
  • we have had roof insulation put in to reduce heating and cooling needs by using carbon "Un-friendly" air conditioning units 
  • we have had a workplace "Green Audit" completed on our premises to ensure that we are making every possible power saving we can

If you have suggestions on other ways that you feel Global Kids Oz can help reduce our impact on our fragile environment please feel free to email your suggestions to


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