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Global Kids Oz Supplies Parents, Teachers and the Education Sector with Multicultural Resources

Here are some testimonials from a few of our clients:

Just received my yellow/orange circle mat ...I love it. Such great colours and design.I intend using it for flooring at my new market stall. I shall be taking your business card with me for when I receive many compliments on the mat!I have read the brochure. Keep up the wonderful work at Globalkidsoz. Camillus

Can't see a place to rate your business so thought I would pop in here to say thank you so much, our new mat arrived quickly and last night we took it to our local carols, 15 people on it and it was fabulous, I'm super happy with our purchase. Thanks and merry Christmas Maleesha"

"Hi Thank you, delivery arrived this morning.  I am very happy with my purchase and the quick delivery." Jill 

“This resource (Walkabout Mat/Game) is fantastic because it has so many educational uses for Early Childhood  – Co-operative Play, Art, Indigenous Symbols, Counting and Fine Motor Skills. This locally made product is therefore excellent for embedding Indigenous Culture. Everyone who borrows it from our library say they use it in so many different ways! We recommend this as a resource that can be used over and over.”From the Noah’s Ark Team

This morning we received all of our beautiful items, in which we ordered from your company just yesterday! We were so excited to see our parcel arrive here today, that was extremely quick!  Thanks again, we have many families and staff loving the purchases. Thank you,April

 A BIG "Thank You" from St Clare's Catholic School Outside School hours Care!!  We have just received our beautiful mats from your company - 3 days after ordering them!! I am so,so impressed with the speed at which this order was organised, dispatched and delivered to us in North Queensland. The mats are just stunning! Thank you so much for providing our Centre with such great quality resources. We are extremely happy with our purchase and look foward to using the mats in our program. Thank you again. Regards, Cynthia 

Thank you Michelle for posting this to our page... "Just got my new mat and I absolutely love it. It feels so good underfoot, looks fantastic & fits our little camper beautifully. Will post a pic soon. Thank you so much. I'm now looking for another one for our outside shower area. Very happy customer " Michelle

Just wanted to let you know the mats arrived this morning and they are fantastic.  I can't believe how fast you were able to get them to us. Thanks so much. Wendy

I have a mat that I bought from you early last year and love it and this one is for my sisters birthday"

Hi JJ, Thrilled to receive the awesome play mat today.  It's quite a piece of art, really well constructed and finished, it almost seems too nice to end up laid out on the sand, but that's the intended purpose as well as all the other numerous occasions I can see it will be handy for.  Will certainly recommend this product to others. Many thanks. Catherine

Love them! By the way I got my parcel yesterday and everything is fantastic quality. My daughter loved the book and the puzzle, will take a photo once I have put up the display. Beth

"Thank you for my beautiful meeting place rectangle mat! My Year 10's loved it today. We will use it for resolving conflicts between teacher and student, student and student, as a calm down space, for group discussions, and to encourage students when public speaking so that they feel confident. So happy and excited ........" Neree

Thank you for sending our lovely Dragon & Lion Chinese New Year puppets in time for Chinese New Year. They are a great addition to our room and storytelling time. Joanne, Child Care Director, Karumba, QLD

 Thankyou so much for the opportunity to acquire these free downloads. My year ones have loved the aboriginal pictures to colour as we have been focussing on aboriginal culture and the dreamtime stories this last term. They have enjoyed the different pictures and finding out stories behind the animals. Thankyou once again. Much appreciated. Wendy via Facebook

Our community have been very impressed with those two mats and the kids use them everyday outside and they take a hiding a long with it, please can we order 2 more! Thanks Jeff

Your mats are fantastic and i love how they can set the scene for an activity. We had a work colleague using the Yarning circle for his cultural awareness training with external agencies and it was a huge success it brings people into the environment of culture, they are a great tool for this sort of work. thankyou no where else in the world can we get these mats, help keep our culture in a modern form. Regards, Georgi Family and Community Manager

I was just wanting to share how much your books have taught my daughter, she is 15 months and part Maori. Maori isn’t spoken in the house so I really wanted to bring some of her culture into the household. I purchased one day a taniwha, we listen to the song just about every day and now she points to her Taringa (ear) and says ta ta, I will be purchases more books from your website they are fantastic keep up the good work, Cheers Kelly via Email Nov 2013

My mats arrived today!! Sqee I'm so excited. They are just lovely. My young bloke (who is Mandandanji) just loves them to pieces and is very excited because he is learning about recycling at school. He loved hearing the story behind this mat in particular. Thanks ever so much! Sharon via Facebook

Used our mat to prepare sop sop while out camping. Was used by all to rest on, play on, eat on or just to prepare food. Thanks for making such a great product!! Billie-Jo via Facebook Aug 2013

I love our new mat and I will defiantly be ordering more. Keep up the great work. I will be sharing this contact with all the community members at our Indigenous community centre and school. Michele via Facebook

 "I agree, you are doing a great job JJ, i am a proud advocate of what you do, and tell everyone who asks..that the majority of my multicultural resources are from you " Hanna via FB May 2013

Message form a page fan "JJ, my pacific island mat is still going strong, the daycare children haven't wrecked it yet and its been about 2yrs since I bought it as a second from you lol. Thanks Hanna" via FB May 2013

I love your products and it's great when you get to meet the people behind the products, as we discuss the doll i brought from you still sits proudly on a display shelf out of little hands reach. I have quite a collection now but she's my fave. My partner show my mother in law the mats i brought of you and she loved them. Thank you for everything great seeing you again x. Trudee via Facebook April 2013

"I was sitting under the tree watching you do your thing today at Gisborne Day festival (in a non stalkish way lol) its amazing to read your journey and then see the final product. Your passion matches the product well done you." Bella via Facebook April 2013

African proverb - It takes a village to raise a child - This testimonial is from Lynn, Lynn wrote this as a part of a submission into the Australian Childcare Awards for Director of the Year for Queensland. Of which she WON"........For all of my working life, spanning 35 years, I have advocated for the Education and Care of Children; and for their safety, health and well being. My dream was to run a centre where I could offer an inclusive environment for all. I was offered the opportunity to run this centre for Andrew and Chris Newman. It was in receivership and had a very negative reputation. They handed their complete faith to me, to build the best possible Education and Care environment I could. I believe I have achieved that dream….but not alone. Winning this award would repay their faith. I have had the support of so many over the past five years. The owners, staff, families, previous families that still keep in contact, local schools we are involved with. Organisations and community members that personally support us; Doctors and paediatricians, my office resource officers who support me so much, dentists who regularly visit, community health workers, the local council, schools and teachers, our training college Bright Futures, local police, members of the community, Elders of the community, the Gubbi Gubbi people, specialists, therapists. But in particular, without the support, knowledge, friendship and of course fabulous resources from, JJ Stranan who runs the company ‘Global Kids Oz’, a supplier of multicultural resources for schools, Early Learning Centres and many other and varied environments, our Centre would not be as aesthetically warm and welcoming and as multi-culturally inclusive and educational as we value it to be.. Winning this award would reward their faith in me I would be proud to be acknowledged for all that has been achieved…and will continue to achieve as i continue this journey... along a path no one thought I / we could walk." Lynn Afotey, Director of Little Legends ELC, Dakabin Queensland 

Congrats Lynn, Childcare Director of the Year for the "Second" time xxxxx Little Legends ELC, Dakabin, Brisbane, QLD
I just wanted to let you know I have received my mats. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THEM! Thanks Elaine via facebook April 2013
Thx JJ I received my Aroha mat today, it's great and looks great with my Tracks mat, also received " the Little Black Game Pack" wow! These are great, have passed post onto all my Family Day care associates, so look out ! Sorry can't seem to post a pic, thx Helen via Facebook Feb 2013

"We have a big mat in each of our classes.  The kids and teachers love them." Wiluna Remote Community School Feb 2013

Thank you so much for information on cultural events and dates...we have been sending our on e-news and our Members are loving it am I" Sonia. Family Day South Australia Jan 2013

"I would like to thank you JJ,  for your helpful emails and seriously good service that has enabled us to support our special families by celebrating this years Diwalii festival in our centre. Dad was most impressed that we had managed to source some bi-lingual books in his language of Telugu!" Rosie, WA via email November 2012

Just received our order - complete Australian flag set of Australian, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags. Thank you they are very nice and will look amazing in the foyer of our early childhood learning centres. Thanks again Kind regards Kerrie, Cultural Competency Project Officer via email Oct 2012

JJ, I don’t know how you do it all! Your knowledge and resources are so valuable to our industry. You constantly have amazing topics and photos on your Facebook page and your newsletters are fantastic. Thank you for your dedication to multiculturalism, Kerrie Lada, Childcare Director and board member of Queensland Chilcare Assoc via email Sept 2012

 Hi JJ, I am a huge fan of your website and use many of your wonderful multicultural resources in my Family Day Care Service, including a recycled mat! ;) Tonight, our Family Day Care Scheme is having an EYLF EXPO, to showcase how myself and other Educators do our paperwork(reflective journals, portfolios,projects etc) and what resources we use within our own Day Care Services....and, I am very very proud to say that the majority of my multicultural resources that I am displaying ..are from your website! Hanna Family Day Care

How awesome are you..and your company. You provide resources that we are unable to get anywhere else and this enables us to provide the cultural inclusion we need to teach our children about respect and care of differences in society. Thank you JJ.....Lynn-Afotey Director of Little Legends ELC, Dakabin, Brisbane

Dear JJ, hi its Hanna, I love your website and have bought many products from you in the past(including a really great seconds recycled mat which is doing fantastic despite being trod on all day by 5 daycare children lol!!) via email June 2012

"Fantastic website. I could happily spend a lot of money here to get resources for the whole centre not just the kinder room" Sharon, Goodtsrat ELC

Hi - just wanted to let you know that my Aroha mat arrived this morning and I wanted to let you know that I LOVE it! Thanks so much for a gorgeous mat! Claire in Victoria June 2012

Thanks heaps for the Wheku mat. I've tried to post a picture of my kids on it to your facebook page but I never seem to get it on. Its so gigantic iIcant even open it fully in my house. Lol cant wait to use it when the weather is better. I love the little tiki gift too. Thanks Krystal June 2012

Kia Ora JJ, Received my Koru Aroha mat today. Once again .... Tu Meke. Love it!! Quality product and prompt service yet again.
Recycled Mats rock! Shaz via facebook June 2012 Shaz via Facebook June 2012

"Thank u I have recievd the mat and I love it .. thank u so much". Jillayne via email May 2012

"Thank you thank you thank you, I have just received my kia ora door mat and a t/towel to boot im so happy" Jenny via Facebook April 2012

Just received my order (Counting in Fijian & Fijian for kids) and i love them!! My husband (who is Fijian) cannot wait to read them to our daughter tonight!! I actually looked EVERYWHERE in Fiji for something similar including the educational book shops and there is nothing! So a huge thank you to Global Kids Oz xx Kim

You are amazing..something for our recent books and all the other resources we have bought over the past years..don't need to go elsewhere. We have Global Kids Oz..Much Love x Lynn, Director of Little Legends ELC

I've been meaning to write to say thank you so much for great products & great service! Fast, friendly & exactly what I was after (better in fact). Will definitely be shopping with you again soon. Amazing Tibetan Dreamcatcher & Chinese dragon & lion puppets. : ) Angela via Facebook April 2012

...just recieved our the "kia ora" one ...looks to good for a mat...on the wall it goes..thanks guys..x Jake via Facebook 2012

"Think yr site is so amazing I have been following it for ages but was never in the situation to act. We live on Lord Howe Island, and I teach cultural studies and my chn are half Samoan but we are away from family and the culture. My husband doesn't keep the language up to them. I hope this will be a start." Thank you

"Congratulations on your fine collection of texts for the pending new Australian Curriculum!Thank you for the great support you provide." Regards Barb, ESL SE Qld co-ordinator

"We purchased our Global Kids mats at the 2011 Mobile Meet because we were looking for something that was easy to clean, long lasting. They have the added bonus of being environmentally friendly, made from recycled plastic and they look fantastic too!! We have been amazed at the response from parents. Everywhere we go they are asking where they can get some mats like ours. They think they would make wonderful picnic mats for the family. We have circulated your details at each of our sessions. Thanks a million." Jane November 2011

"JJ, I chaired the Young People In Libraries Group meeting yesterday, the theme of the meeting was multicultural children’s services and resources. During the conversation of sourcing multicultural resources, I handed out your brochures and told everyone how happy I was with your resources and personalised service (How you had advised me on resources that would meet my requirements and even read a book to me over the phone).  Sonia from Hawkesbury Library, (who has purchased from you on my recommendation) also said how happy she was with your services. You should be getting some more library clients soon I hope :)" Lee, Acting Outreach Program Team Leader, November 2011

"Just wanted to say my New Zealand Koru mat arrived yesterday, very happy with it thank you". Lisa via Facebook November 2011

An excellant site I will be doing all my shopping from here, Leanne November 2011

"Wwaahhooo my Mat arrived 2day...within 5 working days...thank u,thank u thank u.....soon as iv cleaned up n mopped the floor ,wait 4 it 2 dry ,lay my mat i will post some pics...hahahaha...n thak u again"...Jocelyn via Facebook November 2011

 "You have Great resources @ Globalkidsoz. Keep up the good work." ESL Teacher in Brisbane November 2011

"I am most impressed with your website and what you have available  in multicultural resources. The access to free downloads is great. Keep up the good work" Margot Lowrie, Coordinator St Bridgit's O.S.H.C November 1, 2011

"Love your site!! Just got my first order...mythical legends bk, first 100 words in Maori, and A is for All Black it! Leon, October 2011

It’s so refreshing to hear and share  the excitement and enthusiasm that we both share in our industry.
Here’s to doing it solo and impacting the world! Thanks again for choosing to do what you do and doing it exceptionally well! Very inspirational indeed. Raina, New Zealand September 2011

Hey JJ/Global Kids Oz,Wanted to say what a wonderful job you all have done with not only this website but all the different resources you have available across  a lot of cultures. I totally love the South Pacific and Polynesian designs of the ‘Flower Ban Mats’. The flower ban mats have been chosen to represent across the polynesian cultures and is a pattern which is commonly used throughout the polynesian countries. The choice of colour is bright and well co-ordinated to be as close as possible to Polynesian flavours. I have also utilised your resources in the past to teach my two nephews and the young people I work with who are interested in learning more about their Tongan culture. The resources are precise and effective for those just learning all the way through to advanced learners. Keep up the good work. Meleseini via our blog August 2011

 I really appreciate your newsletters- they not only provide information about resources to purchase but they offer excellent FREE advice and activity ideas as well. Excellent!! Sandra, Golden Beach, QLD August 2011

"Hi JJ, Loving our mat we purchased earlier this week!!!! We've got 2 friends bdays coming up, so thought "What the hey!" Why not get them 1 as gifts!!!! Thank you! Gloria Whata, August 2011

 "I really appreciate your excellent customer service.  You need to teach a few other companies that we have dealt with in the past a thing or two about customer service!!!  Our families are loving their world playground books and I love the Polynesian mats in my home too – very practical when you have two dogs and a toddler! "Kylie Ujdur, Musical Kids, WA August 2011

"Best mat EVER! Our family loves our recycled mat. We take it to the beach, use it at home for movie nights and out in the park on lazy Sunday afternoons. The mat is super light so we can take it anywhere and it's so easy to clean: we just hose it off because it's plastic! It's wonderful to have a product, that not only adds value to our family life, but is cultural, environmentally friendly and fair trade approved." Kelly from Be a fun Mum

I received my beautiful mat today and it looks stunning in our living room.  Thank you for supplying such a great product.  Ill be back for more. Robyn Baker, July 2011

I would like to whole-heartedly thank you on behalf of our staff, students and parents, for your tremendous  and committed support at our recent NAIDOC Day Celebration.  We have had amazing feedback from staff, students and parents regarding the day. We look forward to working in partnership with you, in promoting a positive attitude towards Indigenous culture and assisting us in encouraging our Indigenous students to be bold and proud of their culture and heritage. Naomi, Learning Support Teacher, Berserker Street State School, July 2011

Global Kids Oz is the best resource company ever and the most obliging and helpful manner any business could ask for. Lyn, Dakabin July 2011

"Welcome, just had best time reading your site globalkidsoz and appluade your team in outreaching to the community to bring that circle of multicultural understanding together closer,through all the media pathways inspiring we are learning from you in your advocacy. From Polycafe Blogroll July 2011

Our teachers are collectively very committed to their chosen field and most certainly to providing inclusion and diversity for their own students as well as for the children that they are impacting through our students and the curriculum that we provide them with. It is very helpful and beneficial for our students when individuals such as yourself so generously provide permission for educational institutions to use their materials. Leah Berkhoff, Intellectual Property Officer, Lethbridge College, Alberta, Canada, June 2011

Thank you so much with the speedy receipt. The Mats are out and about today on our mobile play bus. Thanks again Trish.  Kyabra Community Association, June 2011

Your resources get more and more amazing as time goes on. I have no idea how I would run the high quality multicultural and totally inclusive program that I do here without your fabulous help.
Thank you from all of us here at Little Legends Elc, Dakabin, Brisbane June 2011

OH MY GOSH!!! Seriously???? That is the BEST news ever!!! Thank you so very much!! Far out, thank you so much. From the (very excited) winner of our Samoan Language Week competition Phillipa, Brisbane June 2011

We are very happy with our mats they are of high quality, comfortable to sit on, a great size (can fit my whole family of 8), they look great and are easy to store and clean :) They are better than we imagined :) We are also very happy with the gorgeous books and educational aides that we have purchased from Global Kids Oz. I have 6 children, under 10 years old, who were losing their culture- with the help of these books they will be able to connect with their ancestry visually and thru story.Thank you very much. Adam & Alana Foa'i-Auimatagi June 2011

We order resources through you for our long day care centres already and have mats in all our services as well as other resources.  Our educators really enjoy using these resources and the children really benefit from having such beautiful materials to play with and in their environment. Thanks for all your help and I am sure that we will be in touch from time to time. Regards Deb Verstege, Senior Training Consultant, Lady Gowrie Brisbane

Awee i just want to give You a big Peace hug for all Your doing for Earth Mother & The Betterment of our children, Peace starts with embracing percieved differences & finding the sameness & will bring about a Peaceful World... starting with us & passing it onto our children.  TY4U Lee Dunwoodie, May 2011

"JJ Stranan - Global Kids Oz is a wonderful business that continues to PROMOTE literacy and the JOY of reading throughout our many indigenous communities. THANK YOU for your GENEROUS donations to AAPI Read Aloud Day which will be taking place NEXT WEEK...we are MOST grateful...your books will also be displayed this weekend at READING RAINBOW in East Palo Alto...Many Blessings to GLOBAL KIDS OZ for all the LOVE that you spread throughout!" Manufou Liaiga Anoai, San Francisco, USA May 2011

fa'a Samoa-it's Samoan Language Week every week at my mom's house in Indiana. She left American Samoa when she was 18 or so and there are no other Samoan's around here so she has forgotten almost all of her native language. She is relearning it & teaching our lil 14 month Samoan Princess w/the aid of the cd's I got from Global Kids Oz. I have already won the "Samoan language prize pack" because nothing can top the joy in my heart upon hearing her teaching my daughter to say tasi (Samoan for 1) when I asked her how old she was on her 1 yr birthday! Amanda

"Australia’s leading multicultural resource provider, Global Kids Oz have an amazing range of really great multicultural resources for education." De Greer Yindimincarlie, Yindi Artz

"The mat is in daily use at the moment.   This will surprise you : it is rolled out at 1 pm everyday for the Muslim kids to pray.  They like the Samoan flower pattern but I'm looking around for another with a green geometric pattern that would be just right for Islam.  It is perfect for other small groups in the outdoor area too.  Other times I store it in a timber "garden seat" acquired from a well-known hardware retailer."   

Ray Poultney, 
Durack State School April 2011

"Kiaora from Bali first I must say my koru mat is a hit in Bali, everyone that visits my whare wants to park there butts on my mat now I have to buy a new one cos theres no room for me so JJ thank you once again another order coming your way... Terima Kusi Bali Tony & Komang, Bali April 2011

"I thought that I would share the details of a new supplier that we have found, because it took us a long time to find the right specialist supplier and maybe some of you might be searching too. We have resources that we use just for preschool storytime, and were looking for resources to use with our multicultural storytimes.  We were looking for picture books with stories from different countries and stories about children in different countries all at a preschool level.   We were also looking to develop our children's lending collections of Aboriginal, Maori, Samoan, and Torres Strait Islands resources. A colleague put me onto this supplier, and I am so impressed with the range of resources, especially in Aboriginal, New Zealand and South Pacific Islands, the usability of the website, the customer service we received, and the supplier's knowledge of their resources, that I had to share with you. 

Global Kids Oz is in Queensland, so purchasing is done online.   What I found really useful was that when I phoned JJ to ask about the picture books, she would advise me on whether it was suitable for my needs, or even read it to me!  Lee Castledine, Acting Young Adult Librarian, Blacktown Libraries, April 2011

"It is wonderful to meet someone who is so dedicated, knowledgable and passionate about what they do, especially when it brings delight and happiness to children and those who work with them. Thanks JJ" Gloria Keramea, Kambala Early Learning Centre, (Hampshire House) Rose Bay, Sydney, NSW April 2011 

"Thanks for sending the products so promptly. They are wonderful!!" Kind Regards, Charean Jacobs March 2010

"I must commend you on a very interesting website. Being a well experienced educator (primary and adult ed) I can see great merit in your site". Gwen, Emerald, QLD March 2011

What an "O" for Orsum Company! I live in Sydney and am trying to teach my 8 Year old son about his Maori heritage as he was born here in Sydney. Having these resources will certainly make my task easier and fun. All we need now is to win Lotto and buy everything because I want it all! Maybe one thing at a time every few months wont hurt the bank Donna Hira-Whittaker March 2011

Thank you.. so excited and looking forward to these books (Little Kiddy Samoa books). I think you may have a lifelong customer..:o) Shannique, Pittsburg CA, USA

Thank you for the prompt delivery of the siapo mat. It was alot bigger and better than I had remember - perfect!
My husband is in the process of getting his samoan pe'a and this mat will be alot more hygenic than the samoan fine mats, for him to lie on. Once again, the experience of purchasing from Global Kids Oz has been a good one. :) Thanks again. Regards Melissa Saena, Ormeau, QLD

"I think your resources are great for Primary school libraries. We are loving ours, just used the big mat today for story morning and the gang have the Putumayo kids music running all the time! Sydney Muesum Child Care Unit

"love your website! My Grandfathers mother was Samoan and we never learned the language as he never went back after moving to the mainland. So I start now with baby steps with the Little Kiddy Samoa book. Thank you from California" Denise, Soquel, CA, USA

That is (Geoffrey "Gurrumul") one of the lovliest CD’S I have heard for a long time. I have played it and played it. Yes definitely ear mark me his next album when it's out in April  please..LOVE IT!!!! Kind regards, Lynn Afotey-Otu, "Qld Children's Services Child Care Director of the Year 2010"
Little Legends Early Learning Centre.

Thanks JJ - Loving the South Pacific mat - have put inside entry as I have timber floors and my dog Princess Pepperina La Phew skates across the floor when she in a hurry. She just loves the mat - walking back and forward over and over again and sitting on it, it was hilarious!! :) Margy, Wallum Community Preschool, Banora Point, NSW, February 2011

We love our South Pacific and Maori mats and everytime I buy some for one room the other rooms are asking for them. Thank You, Tracey, Roseberry House ELC, VIC, February 2011

Your website looks great. I've just been looking through all your kiwi pages - I wish I'd found it when my kids were in lower primary - I spent hours online trying to locate a maori costume or even just piupiu for them to wear for multi-cultural activites, and never found one. At least I know where to get one now if they need it, and can point other kiwi mums in the right direction! Regards Maree, WA, February 6, 2011

I'm more than happy for you to use my words on your testimonials page. I think you are doing a great job there.  WPS is a fantastic school, and the multicultural aspect is one I love, because my feeling is that if kids are brought up with all different nationalilties, then they will learn that they are all just people too, with the same hopes and feelings as themselves. Hopefully it will make them more accepting of other nationalities for the future. Certainly at this point, my son (almost 9) seems unable to tell me whether his friends are Asian, South African, Indian, Russian, Mexican, Italian or just Austalian. Obviously this will change in the future, but at the moment, they are all just kids to him. My 11 year old has more idea, but it makes absolutely no difference to her - they are all just her friends. Maree, WA, Feb 2011
 "I love this website it has the whole series of the Maui Myths and Legends and its only $130 for 8 books Wink And the mats are kool too. And the puzzles oh and those books that I tried to buy from that guy in NZ so I’ll just buy them on here instead. Theres lots of things I want to buy from here, lol. Thank you". P February 3, 2011

"Dear Global Kids, We are loving the multicultural mail outs. It is giving our parents and staff wonderful information and helping to build up our resources. Thanks so much for this. We really appreciate it. Alice and the team, Exceptional Kids Services East Redfern, NSW - Directors: Alice Voigt and Sharn Brazier. PS love the Chinese NY marionette’s. Thanks"

"Congratulations Global Kids Oz on your business achievements in 2010. The gifts that I purchased from you for Christmas have been well received and I can't wait for my next opportunity to shop at Global Kids Oz, Happy New Year. Tahlene, Wellington Point, Mother of 2

"The mats "Siapo style Maori & Pacific Island play mats) we bought are sensational indoors or outdoors and so easy to maintain, we Love, Love, Love them, thanks so much" Helen, Stepping Stone Childcare and Early Development Centres, SA

Thank you letter from Blayney Preschool - winner of our first birthday Siapo mat prize....."It is with pleasure that we accept a Pacific Island Siapo play mat. It is a wonderful mat and a fabulous way that we can enrich multiculturalism in our Preschool environment, yet still be functional and appealing to the eye. We look forward to using the mat in the classroom next year and are excited about the possibilities if may offer us to introduce discussion and other activities in to our program around many themes including other cultures, patterns and designs and the environment (as the mat is made of recyclable materials).
Thanks again for making our Preschool a little brighter!" Kind regards, Carolyn Dowler, Director, Blayney Preschool 

"We have just received the dolls, (Aboriginal baby doll's) they are absolutely perfect Smile So happy with them!" Tash, Aboriginal Health Council of Western Australia. November 2010

A big Vinaka Vakalevu for the book 'Fijian For Kids'. I am so pleased that I was able to purchase this online, I have spent hours in book shops in Fiji from Suva to Lautoka trying to source reading material like this~so simple and easy to understand for my girls. 
We are thoroughly enjoying it!! Vinaka Sara Vakalevu! Moana, October 2010

"I just thought I would give you a bit of feed back on a few products I just received from Global Kids Oz.  As you know we are a Trial Centre for the EYLF and I am always looking at ways to ensure we are implementing it in the way we believe it was intended.   Having said this I  was looking at good new ways to indigenise & culturalise our Centre better.  In my order last week I received from you the "How to indigenise your early childhood setting".  I have just finished reading this book and until I did the checklist I thought we were a very inclusive and cultural aware centre. When I did the checklist in the book I was very disappointed.  We are now in the process of making Our Foyer more culturally aware and including indigenous items thank to this book and checklist. I would recommended this book to any Centre that is serious about inclusion and cultural awareness.  It certainly opened up our eyes. and a bargain at $39.95.

We also just finished talking to a group of children about the "Lets Yarn Series".  The enthusiasm, questioning and conversation I received from just opening up the Didgeridoo book was unbelievable - this group this afternoon has now taken our learning tomorrow into Digeridoo and looking at symbols used in everyone's art.  Un believable. Kerry, Director Pre-Prep, Townsville Grammer State School, October 2010

"I have received my beautiful books and am just about to sit down and have a read of them with Thomas ... I can't wait.

The books and your service have been absolutely wonderful and I won't hesitate passing on my recommendations and your details to other parents.  I will also be ordering more resources from you in the future. Thank you so much once again - looking at these books brings back wonderful memories of my childhood!!" Melissa, Brisbane October 2010

"Mats have arrived safely today and are just beautiful.  The staff love them and I have promised to get them some more as soon as the money allows me in my budget." Robyn, Gatton Child Care Centre, Brisbane, October 

"I'm so impressed with what you're doing and have talked about Global Kids Oz to family and friends.  Here in Vegas we have a huge polynesian community and as you know no matter the polynesian creed (you name it), we strive in life for our kids.  In recent years I have been more and more involved in our community.  When I started my company, my goal was to create jobs for our brothers and sisters coming from the islands for better education and/or a better means for their family.  The main concern is to keep the culture alive in our children and I have brought up Global Kids Oz many many times in our meetings.  I strongly feel for what you're doing and would like to see your endeavors grow even more popular here.  Again...thank you so much!   I want to spread the word about you and your cause anyway I can, no matter how small! " Warm regards Logo, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA September

Just wanted to let you know that your stall at the Education Resources Expo in Brisbane over the weekend was extremely inspiring! I finish my teaching studies this year, and multicultural teaching strategies and resources have been integral to most of my subjects. Multicultural perspectives are so important for all people and communities though, and I commend you on your efforts to provide such. I have recommended your business to all I know and I hope you get lots of interest! And I love the book I bought... Cheers Vanessa, September

Received a special little book yesterday, Tongan for Kids. I was delighted with the bright, fun, colourful pages and my son is equally stocked! Thank you so much JJ for allowing Australians to be exposed to the many other wonderful cultures from a young age which they wouldn't really otherwise have been. My son's Tongan language has certainly improved EVEN OVERNIGHT!! Very reasonable price TOO and FAST posting! Thanks Sharna, September 2010

I received my package this morning... Thank u.... Love it all... Will most probably have to order more mats!!! Cos I have nosey family members who have already tried to Tax them.. lol. Thanx again... Take care, Jo-Anne, September 2010

Hi, Global Kids Oz, we just put our Giant Educational and Ocean Song Indigenous mats together and they are absolutely fantastic!! They are just too deadly! Vanessa, Indigenous Schooling Support, Southern Queensland, September 2010

I just wanted to tell you that we received our order and everything was perfect. I took it to our playgroup and the families loved it! They loved the books and have taken down the website address so that they can order the same books for home - Kei Te Pehea Koe? How do you feel, was a hit! Your site is amazing and we will be back, keep up the hard work! Best Wishes Jacqui Karauria St George Early Years Supported Playgroup Service, September 2010

Hi Global Kids Oz, Thanks for your exceptionally quick service.  The Siapo mats are exactly what we where looking for to cover some unsightly concrete in our entertaining area and give it a more pacific island hut feel. Cheers Kris, Logan, Brisbane August

We received our order today and would like to thank you for the extremely fast delivery! My kids are loving their new books. Its great to finally find some Samoan language books for children, that are accessible in Australia. Im looking forward to getting the flash cards when they arrive and will an eye out for any other Samoan materials you have on your website in the future. Thanks again for the great customer service. Im really impressed Regards, Melissa 

I came across your website through another service in my area that distributes information to community services. The email was for the $500 multicultural pack competition that your running. I have been searching in vain for a long while for a suitable website/catalogue in Sydney for multicultural (especially maori and pacific resources) and could not find what I needed. I was delighted to find your website and will distribute to my contacts here! Look forward to receiving the resources! Kind Regards, Jacqui Karauria, St George Early Years Supported Playgroup Service. August 2010

WA Childcare have been advertising your $500 Culture Pack promotion. Im glad I found your site, it is great and has some excellent things. As a small centre we are always on the look out for low cost cultural items of an everyday nature such as costumes/clothing, home ware like bowls, ornaments, wooden objects etc" Regards, Margaret, Director, East Victoria Park Early Learning Centre. WA

Hi JJ, I care for children. Your web page is a great resource for books and games for Indigenous children. Thank you for the service you provide. Cath Coleman, Townsville, August 2010

Hi, I just wanted to let you know the floor world puzzle has been a great hit with the children. I have been so impressed by the knowledge of 3-5 year olds as they explain to me the different geographical references they can identify eg. Eiffel tower is in Paris France, Big Ben is near the Queen in London England, and Happy Feet lives in Antartica etc. What joy this resource has given us and its only two days old. Many thanks for such a quality product.: Bonnie, Kardinia Kids ELC, Victoria August 2010

Hi, Rachael here from Universal Childcare. I love the web site, one of my centres needed multi cultural supplies in a hurry so I thought of you. This will be the first of many orders with your wonderful company. Thanks so much Rachael, Melbourne, July 2010

"Looking forward to getting my order, myself and some other teachers from my school have ordered from you and we are so impressed with your service, have been recommending the site to all my friends! Cant wait to order some more goodies from your site. Lauren Bond, NSW, July 2010

Thanks for the fast replies and all the work youve gone through to help me obtain the Aboriginal doll to send to the US for me, the little baby is just too cute! It has been a pleasure doing business with you Houston Tanner, Texas, United States of America, July 2010

Global Kids Oz has been an inspirational business to deal with, not only are thier multicultural products unique, useful and educational but the passion behind the business is obvious whenever you talk with JJ. We thank her and the business for her great concept, idea and determination to make Australia a better place for all our children to live in Kristin, Melbourne July 2010

Parents and children have commented on our Asian dreaming CD, we not only play it at relaxation time but also when children arrive as we find it has a beautiful calming effect. We are working on social skills in the 3 to 5 room and the children have their own solution box which gives them strategies on how to show empathy for others and how to display emotions. The books we purchased ‘Understand and Care’ and Accept and Value Each Person’ and ‘Kei te Pehea Koe? How Do You Feel?’ have been an invaluable resource to add to this topic. We often take the children on magical mind journeys at relaxation time, a favourite story we tell involves a magic carpet, we were able to put pictures to words when we purchased ` My Granny Went To Market’ the children now request this story each day Thank you Lisa Booth, Walaroo Child Care Centre, NSW June 2010

The service we encountered from you was very professional and reliable. The resources we received are of good quality and has allowed the centre to bring diversity within the service. We highly recommend the products to others and will definitely be ordering from you in the near future Thank you Betty and the staff at Hospital Hill Child Care Centre (Wollongong) June 2010

The mats are great and all enjoy them very much Betty, Hospital Hill Child Care Centre - part of IACC, NSW, June 2010

THANKS GUYS I got the Little Kiddy Samoan book I love it its exactly what I wanted my son loves it!!! I highly recomend this to anyone teaching their children Samoan!!
Thanks guys :) awesome work!! Morgan, NSW, June 2010

The centre staff were most interested in hearing about your products at our most recent staff meeting. We talked about the diversity of products you have and how these can be accessed. Most importantly the importance of how the products were genuine articles sourced from each individual country. The staff also agreed it would be fantastic ongoing resource for us to access as our clients change within the centre, Thank you Sharon and the team at Alunga Park Child Care Centre, Albion Park, NSW. June 2010

I am so happy with the products and the service, that I have put in a Wish list to the Principal for approx $xxxx.xx. So will let you know if it gets approved. Fingers crossed. Kerry Strickland Director Pre Prep Centre, Townsville Grammar Junior School, Qld. June 2010

I actually came across your site on google. It sounded as though it might have what I was looking for and...I wasnt disappointed. I also have to add that I am really impressed with your professional service, as well! Thank you for getting in touch, for your suggestion and for making this a pleasurable shopping experience. It has been an absolute pleasure! Warmest regards and have a great day, Rochelle Kotek, Director, Buddies Early Learning Centre, VIC June 2010

The Multi Giant Educational mat is beautiful, and the children are just loving it. We are applying for a grant to purchase the other two, we will be in touch!! Liverpool, NSW May 2010

Thanks JJ, all resources are great Director Nash Street Childcare, Queensland May 2010

We purchased the children’s book “We all Went on Safari” to give our children a little insight into African life as my husband works in Mozambique from time to time. We are learning to count to ten in Swahili and the kids have great pride in their Swahili alias’ too (Tumpe- Tom and Mosi – Em...names are allocated according to their qualities).  We are enjoying learning something new together.  Good for our children to see their parents on a learning journey also.  Thank you  for these wonderful resources JJ.  Tahlene (mother of 6yo and 4yo) May 2010

We are very happy with our resources – the mat is gorgeous. We haven't used in them in a preschool yet but plan to very soon. Jennifer, Hazelbrook, NSW -

We LOVE it, (Maori Siapo Recycled mat)  it is in our foyer and we have had LOADS of comments from families and children about it. It is a great way to bring the Maori culture into our centre in a way that is not tokenistic!!
Thanks again for great resources! Natashja Reveton, Director Woodrising Community Preschool and Child Care Centre, March 2010 (2 testimonials form Natashja in a month. WOW!!!)

Hi JJ, my son Tom just played his Hawaiian Playground CD and I asked if he like it? He said, Like it Mum...I LOVE thank you so much all the CDs that I chose in consultation with you, they are perfect. T. Louise, Wellington Point, QLD, Mother of 2 Thanks! All items are fantastic! Natashja Treveton, Director Woodrising Community Preschool and Childcare Centre, March 2010


Thanks so much, the gifts I purchased are beautiful and so well made. I cant wait to see the faces of my neices when they open their gifts. Finally a place to go and puchase lovely handmade and organic gifts for children Corinna, Brisbane, March 2010

Thanks for the information, I really appreciate you getting back to me so quick. Your website is set out really well, easy to navigate Sharyn, Senior Co-ordinator, Family Day Care, QLD March 2010

 width=147I bought the World Playground Activity Kit off you last year JJ, and it has inspired me to take my class on a Round the World Venture in 2010 starting in Australia and following current events around the World like the Olympics in Canada and Commonwealth Games In India later in the year. Thanks so much for the great idea, we are all learning about Global Cultures, not just the kids!
Louise, Director, Gold Coast Kindy, Qld, Feb 2010               


width=480Wow these Polynesian recylced mats are truly amazing, soft, easy to clean, fun, 100% reversible for instant change in colour, great for our classroom, picnics, beach or story time, and so affordable, I think we are in love with them, can we have one for every room please? Jane, Child Care Worker/Director and Mum of 2, Feb 2010

Adam (4 yrs old) found the Global Garden Book that I bought & loved it, he started pulling all the bits out and was sad when he found out it wasn’t his and was a gift for a friends daughter.  Even my twin girls (17 yrs old) were entertained by it, thanks so much JJ Sue, Cleveland, Qld Jan 2010

We found the Putumayo CDs great, our baby jived to Animal playground and we were lulled to sleep by the calming sounds of Dreamland. Its great to know that as a family we are supporting people in nations that are not as fortunate as us. We also found the Thorny Devil a great toy. We like to have toys that are made from natural textiles and other sustainable materials, rather than plastic, thanks a lot. Adam, Prue and Elliot, Auckland, NZ Nov 2009

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